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Omantel - A World of Choice 

Omantel, the leading and main provider of telecommunication services in the Sultanate, has played a great role in connecting the Sultanate parts together and connecting it to the rest of the world. 

Over the past 45 year of the blessed Renaissance, Omantel has been a key player in the development process witnessed by the Sultanate. Omantel today provides a wide array of integrated telecommunication services that meet the needs of individuals, government organization and private companies. It also caters to the needs of the local and international telecom companies through its wholesale business unit. 

In-line with its strategy to ensure customer satisfaction, Omantel offers the broadest choice, widest coverage and state-of-the-art mobile and fixed broadband services.  The company is also investing heavily in expanding its network to meet the needs of the customers and ensure providing them the best customer experience. 

As we operate in a very dynamic sector, Omantel always seek to keep pace with the new technologies to ensure that our customers enjoy the infinite benefits and competitive edges offered by these technologies. Omantel was the first operator in the Sultanate to introduce LTE and FTTH technologies which offered unmatched super-fast internet speeds and improve the overall broadband experience of our customers. 
Omantel, which has a very strong brand presence in Oman, has been voted by international independent firms, as the most valuable brand in the Sultanate as well as the best brand in Oman in general and in among the telecom sector in particular. Omantel enjoys also the privilege of being the largest listed company in Muscat Securities Market in terms of market value, as of the end of February 2015.

Omantel network owns 58.9% of the mobile market in the Sultanate and with 82.9% of the fixed market share as of Dec 2014.