Todd Rahimi | Founder/Director
Lambda Consulting | Hong Kong

Todd Rahimi, Founder/Director, Lambda Consulting

Todd Rahimi is the founder of Lambda Consulting, an alternative legal service provider focused on the innovative delivery of legal services to emerging and mid-market telecommunications companies, particularly subsea operators.
He worked for more than 15 years in both legal and commercial roles in the telecommunications industry, including 6 years as a senior executive serving as the General Counsel and Head of Regulatory and Government Affairs on three different continents. His specialties are negotiating high-value international infrastructure projects and complex cross-border commercial transactions; advising start-up businesses and new market entrants; mergers and acquisitions; shareholder and board relations; government affairs and regulatory licensing and compliance; and legal department management.


Conference Day Two @ 14:40

Panel discussion: The era of land and sea convergence

  • How are today’s demands for connectivity, resiliency and 24/7 availability affecting the way we build and locate data centres?
    • Where are the new data hubs or regional hubs of connectivity that are being developed today?
  • How does this affect the way today’s networks are designed and deployed?
    • How are technologies such as SDN changing the way bandwidth is consumed and in turn co-location pricing models?
    • What are the physical and/or commercial constraints of extending the submarine network further inland?
  • How can the subsea cable owners and data centre operators work cohesively in facilitating the new digital economy?
    • What are the foreseeable challenges (e.g. regulatory) and how can they be overcome?

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