Mike Cunningham | Chairman
Ireland-France Subsea Cable | Ireland

Mike Cunningham, Chairman, Ireland-France Subsea Cable

Mike Cunningham is a telecommunications entrepreneur focused on subsea cable and fibre network development.  He is currently Chairman of Ireland-France Subsea Cable, Chief Executive Officer of Crosslake Fibre and on the board of Quintillion Subsea.  
Previously, Mr. Cunningham was Chief Executive Officer of Arctic Fibre and President of Speak Telecom.  Prior roles in the investment industry include Management Consultant at Network Research, and Research Analyst at Northern Rivers Capital Management.  He has a Master of Finance degree from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Arts, Honors Political Science from the University of Western Ontario in addition to holding the Canadian Investment Manager designation.


Conference Day Two @ 13:40

Panel: Financing tomorrow’s cables

  • Financing now vs then: how has it changed and what are the new trends that have emerged?
    • How are today’s financial markets creating an environment to promote subsea investment?
    • Examining the renewed/emerging interest from new financiers – what’s in it for them?
  • (for financiers) What criteria are you evaluating before making an investment decision?
  • How have cable operators/owners improved in structuring their finances in order to achieve project success? What are the areas that can be improved or made easier?
  • Looking ahead: how will tomorrow’s cables be financed?

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