Richard Norris | System Engineering Director of Global Submarine Networks

Richard Norris, System Engineering Director of Global Submarine Networks, Ciena

Richard Norris is Senior Director of Global Submarine System Engineering at Ciena, with responsibility for submarine solution technical sales and development.

Well established in the telecom industry for 25 years, Richard works for both vendors and operators, and first became involved in submarine networking in the 1990s, where he was the technical representative on a number of new cable consortia projects. Since then, Richard has held various leadership positions at Ciena, where he continues to be heavily involved with the submarine networking industry.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Central Lancashire and resides in the UK.


Submarine Networks Europe Day 1 @ 10:10

Benefits of adaptive submarine networks

As submarine networks become increasingly instrumented, big data, machine learning, automation, and artificial intelligence come into play allowing cable operators to gain unique insights into their existing and new submerged network assets. This presentation will focus on adaptive submarine networks and how related technologies are now steadily making their way into submarine networks.

Submarine Networks Europe Day 2 @ 15:15

Workshop 2: Averting the capacity crunch - Demystifying how design constraints will challenge design capacity growth assumptions

For decades, there has been the assumption that due to technological optimisations, cable systems will be able to perform comfortably beyond original design parameters.  Those days are changing.  This workshop will discuss the extent to which the previous assumptions about the expansion of System Design Capacity will be challenged by physical design constraints (e.g. Shannon), how developing error correction methods will get us ever closer to those limits, and look beyond the previous design paradigm to the evolving system design strategies that will be needed to fulfil ever growing market demand for submarine cable capacity.

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