The Story of Rail Revenue World Congress


Rail Revenue World Congress 2017

Now in its 7th year, the Rail Revenue World Congress series continues to be the best commercial rail event taking place in Europe . We showcase the latest thinking, projects and innovations that are helping to improve revenue, boost customer experience & engagement, and embrace digital transformation.

No matter where your interest lies in commercial rail, we have content, networking and new partners for you!

From our humble beginnings in 2011 where we hosted 90 attendees (80% rail operators) the event has grown and now covers a wide ground. Touching on everything from  digital innovation, multi-modal innovations, travel distribution, artificial intelligence, smart ticketing and CRM

In 2016 we welcomed over 300 participants from rail operators and travel technology companies from around the world, as far reaching as countries like Indonesia and Australia.

Attendees from all around the globe at the Rail Revenue World Congress 2017


Next Year

The Rail Revenue World Congress 2017 will be in its 7th year and it continues to grow and attract a large audience of global rail operators and travel technology companies. The conference in 2017 will host  over 300 executives, 80 speakers and 20 exhibition booths . Over 60 different global rail operators will be represented at this event.

To make sure that all your commercial rail bases are covered we offer 3 streams filled with content that are made up of:


Rail Revenue World Congress 2017


Rail Revenue:  Is still the largest part of the event, exploring how rail operators can embrace the most innovative revenue management strategies and techniques. In 2017 we also focus on how rail operators can become effective global distributors. 

Rail Ticketing 2017

Rail Ticketing:  Exploring the next generation of ticketing and fare collection technology, Rail Ticketing brings together multiple case studies and thought leaders to understand how operators are modernising their ticketing channels. 

Rail Customer 2017

Rail Customer:   Improving branding, digital engagement and door to door experience for rail passengers. Rail Customer brings together Heads of Experience and Heads of Marketing to explore how we can improve the end to end passenger experience. Understanding the benefits of connectivity and learning about the latest CRM initiatives.  

Rail IT 2017

Rail IT:  Using digital transformation to transf   orm the rail business. Rail IT brings together Heads of IT, CIOs and Digital Innovators from rail operators to examine the latest technology that can help boost the passenger experience. 

The Congress will take place over 2 days next year, bringing together event more rail operators from all over the world. Over the 2 days you will be able to see  over 80 presentations, 20 roundtables debates and several hours of networking.  The event will be an experience designed to help you get the most out of the 2 days you are in attendance.