The Story of Rail Revenue World Congress



Rail Revenue was created 6 years ago after the liberalisation of the European rail market . The European Commission wanted to boost cross border competition to help create an integrated European railway area and a genuine EU internal market for rail. This lead to greater competition in the rail market which meant that rail operators had to be more more efficient and customer centric in their operations. Rail Revenue is now the largest meeting of senior commercial rail executives interested in improving commercial operations with a focus on improving revenues, customer engagement and the door to door experience for passengers . Fast forward 5 years, we now have a large exhibition floor alongside the conference with over 300 senior rail professionals attending.

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From the very first year that we launched Rail Revenue, it proved a massive hit with rail operators and their partners. C level executives of the rail industry wanted a high level meeting place where they could openly discuss their strategies, challenges, network, and find solutions to help move their rail operations forward and that’s exactly what we gave them.


Building on the years of success of Rail Revenue, we introduced other brands including Rail Customer, Rail Ticketing and the latest edition to the show – Rail IT . This allows mainline rail operators to cover issues and challenges that can help improve their commercial activities.


Numerous deals were made and influenced at this show over the years. Because the conference covers high level strategic topics, it is attended by C level executives or equivalent level decision makers who in turn hold the power to do the deals and drive the global rail industry forward .