Pharma Compliance 2016 sponsorship opportunity

Sponsorship | Tackling challenges in managing risk



The 4th annual Pharma Compliance conference is the world’s leading strategic compliance event for the pharmaceutical and medical device community, bringing you potential clients that are eager to discover the latest solutions and services in the market.

This is where the pharmaceutical and medical device community will hear from industry thought leaders who will discuss the challenges and best practices in managing risk.

Why sponsor?

The event is a focal meeting point for stakeholders in the compliance area and will be complemented by expert speakers across the programme.

If you provide a product or service for compliance then Pharma Compliance is an event you can't afford to miss.


You will meet professionals in:

  • Compliance

  • Ethics

  • Legal Affairs

  • General Counsel

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Medical Directors

  • Corruption/Risk Management

  • Corporate Responsibility

  • Head of Governance

  • IT

  • Commercial Operations/Marketing


For sponsorship opportunities contact
Arnaud Yzambart    at +44 207 092 1174  or


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