In 2014 we launched Gigabit Copper, a conference dedicated to the technologies enhancing the abilities and extending the life of existing copper networks.

In 2017 we evolved to become Gigabit Access, in response to the industry’s need to understand how access technologies – from GPON to G.fast, and DOCSIS to fixed-wireless – can work together to deliver gigabit speeds.

After the European Electronic Communications Code set ambitious targets for EU telcos to deliver enhanced speeds, the industry now faces new challenges.

At Gigabit Access 2017 DG CONNECT predicted a n eed for EUR500 billion of investment in broadband networks to achieve these new targets. Creating a business case to justify such huge investment must now be a top priority for telcos.

At Gigabit Access 2018 we'll incorporate service layer enhancements and innovations to understand how telcos can deliver RoI.

Gigabit Access will continue to cover the enhancement of access networks, but will also look at the opportunities of other next generation access technologies , such as SD-WAN, NG-PON2 and LTE. All to provide your consumer with efficient, reliable and cost effective gigabit access.

In keeping with the Total Telecom ethos of covering the business of telecoms, Gigabit Access will not be a highly technical conference.

Instead, it will be the opportunity for those tasked with monetising superfast broadband access to come together to explore opportunities, meet potential partners and learn from global best practice.

Gigabit Access will be a strategic two day conference attracting more than 250 of the most senior and strategic executives in the field to learn, share and network.

Join us in 2018 to develop your gigabit future.




If you’d like to become an exhibitor, sponsor or speaker at the event, please contact
Matthew Harris on +44 (0)20 7092 1186 or email matthew.harris@totaltele.com


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