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2 - 3 April, Cologne

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What is Gigabit Access featuring Networks 4.0?


Whilst increasing network capacity is still a key goal for telcos as their customers and regulators demand faster, more reliable networks, emerging technologies such as SDN, NFV, AI, and 5G are changing the way the industry understands networks. This is why the 5th annual Gigabit Access conference will introduce  Networks 4.0, a new conference collocated with Gigabit Access that will take a wider look at the future of the network.

Gigabit Access and Networks 4.0 will continue to cover the enhancement of access networks, but will also look at the opportunities of other next generation access technologies, such as SD-WAN, NG-PON2 and LTE, all to provide your consumer with efficient, reliable and cost-effective gigabit access.


Networks 4.0 will introduce key new topics that architects and engineers are grappling with as software plays an increasingly important role in network management. Join us at Gigabit Access featuring Networks 4.0 to understand the growing importance of SDN and NFV, how they are changing the way telcos think about network, and how they are bringing new opportunities for the industry.

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Combined, Gigabit Access and Networks 4.0 will:

Create a platform to develop relationships and partnerships essential to building tomorrow's networks

Deliver an environment in which to understand how the automated network of the future will look

Help operators to understand how key new innovations can reduce OPEX and CAPEX

Help you understand how to deliver the network agility and capacity to enable new products and services


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