Optimising Access Networks For Gigabit Futures

A Strategic Conference


10 - 11 April, Brussels





What is Gigabit Access 2018


The 4th annual Gigabit Access conference helps operators to understand how to develop their networks with emerging and disruptive technologies, and deliver the right technology mix for your situation.

We'll look at the improvement of access networks and the opportunities of next generation access technologies such as SD-WAN, NG-PON2 and LTE. All to provide your consumer with efficient, reliable and cost-effective gigabit access.

We provide the industry with a platform to come together, explore opportunities, meet potential partners and learn from global best practice. 


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Speakers Already Confirmed Include Include: 

  • André Beijen at Gigabit Access 2018
    André Beijen
    Head of Network Innovation
    Micha Berger at Gigabit Access 2018
    Micha Berger
    Telenet Group
    Konstantinos Chalkiotis at Gigabit Access 2018
    Konstantinos Chalkiotis
    VP Mobile Access
    Deutsche Telekom
  • Steve Collins at Gigabit Access 2018
    Steve Collins
    NetComm Wireless
    Bruno Cornaglia at Gigabit Access 2018
    Bruno Cornaglia
    Fixed Access Manager
    Boris Drilo at Gigabit Access 2018
    Boris Drilo
    Hrvatski Telekom
  • Kevin Paige at Gigabit Access 2018
    Kevin Paige
    Geert Standaert at Gigabit Access 2018
    Geert Standaert
    Antonis Tzortzakakis at Gigabit Access 2018
    Antonis Tzortzakakis
    Chief Officer Broadband Unit & B2B
    WIND Hellas Telecommunications S.A.
  • Andrei Ershov at Gigabit Access 2018
    Andrei Ershov
    Chief Executive Officer
    Yves Bellégo at Gigabit Access 2018
    Yves Bellégo
    Group Director of Technical and Network Strategy
    Andrea Calvi at Gigabit Access 2018
    Andrea Calvi
    Head of Network Innovation
  • Eugene Dai at Gigabit Access 2018
    Eugene Dai
    Principal Architect, Transport & Access Networks
    Cox Communications
    Erling Gudmundsson at Gigabit Access 2018
    Erling Gudmundsson
    Chief Executive Officer
    Gagnaveita Reykjavikur and Reykjavik Fibre Network
    Oliver Lamparter at Gigabit Access 2018
    Oliver Lamparter
    Senior Product Manager
  • Mehmet Özdem at Gigabit Access 2018
    Mehmet Özdem
    Network Architecture and Design Group Manager
    Turk Telekom
    Karol Kowalik at Gigabit Access 2018
    Karol Kowalik
    Technical Development Manager
    I.N.E.A. Sa
    Anthony Whelan at Gigabit Access 2018
    Anthony Whelan
    Director, DG CONNECT Directorate B, Electronic Communications Networks & Services
    European Commission
  • Rajesh Yadav at Gigabit Access 2018
    Rajesh Yadav
    Chief Network Architect
    Raf Meersman at Gigabit Access 2018
    Raf Meersman
    Chief Executive Officer
    Vesa-Pekka Nikula at Gigabit Access 2018
    Vesa-Pekka Nikula
    Executive Vice President, Production
  • Norberto Ojinaga Goitia at Gigabit Access 2018
    Norberto Ojinaga Goitia
    David Renehan at Gigabit Access 2018
    David Renehan
    Principal Network Architect


VIP Passes Available


Fixed Access Network teams from operators can apply for conference guest passes*.
Limited number available & must be applied for in advance




Operators That Have Attended Include: 




3 Key Panel Sessions You Simply Can't Miss


Investment strategies for a fibre future

  • Maximising RoI on the road to full fibre
  • How can operators make fibre economics make sense?
  • Competition & demand dynamics
  • GPON deployment challenges and opportunities
  • How do copper technologies including xDSL and G.fast, as well as DOCSIS 3.x, fit into fibre strategies?

Geert Standaert, CTO, Proximus
Andrei Ershov, CEO, MGTS
Yves Bellego, Group Director, Technical and Network Strategy, Orange


NG-PON2, XGS-PON, XG-PON: Building scalable GPON networks

  • What is the best route after GPON?
  • Deploying fibre now with next-generation networks in mind
  • Is there a ‘one-size-fits-all’ technology for next-generation PON?
  • Standards, testing & certification

Bruno Cornaglia, Fixed Access Manager, Vodafone Group
Trevor Linney, Head of Access Network Research, BT
Eugene Dai, Principle Architect, Transport & Access Networks, Cox Communications


Fixed Wireless: The new standard for broadband?

  • The role of fixed wireless in the multi-technology mix
  • The business case for FWA
  • Overcoming the spectrum challenge
  • A step towards GPON or a long-term competitor?
  • The role of 5G in future access 

Vesa-Pekka Nikula, CTO, Elisa
Marek Ruzicka, CTO, O2 Czech Republic
Konstantinos Chalkiotis, VP Mobile Access, Deutsche Telekom
Moderator: Steve Collins, CTO, NetComm Wireless



2018 Sponsors

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    NetComm Wireless at Gigabit Access 2018
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    Nokia at Gigabit Access 2018
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    ARRIS International plc. at Gigabit Access 2018
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    develo AG at Gigabit Access 2018
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    FiberPlanIT by Comsof at Gigabit Access 2018
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    InCoax at Gigabit Access 2018
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    MOCA - Multimedia Over Coax at Gigabit Access 2018
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    Calix at Gigabit Access 2018
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    Sonalake at Gigabit Access 2018


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