Bridging the gap between international regulatory bodies, industry professionals and academic representatives, the meeting will address how to improve the translatability, developability, and
optimise the value of products in early stage trials.

The 10th Annual Exploratory Clinical Development World Europe is your opportunity to engage and sit alongside the pioneers who are driving translational and early clinical development.

The event will cover a range of different topics including:

  • Innovations In First In Human Trial Design: Where Do We Go Next?


  • Challenges and Opportunities Of Early Drug Development In The Era Of Personalized Medicine

  • Finding The Risk / Innovation Balance In First In Human Clinical Trials

  • Oncology: Early Phase Drug Development

  • Innovations in Biomarkers

  • Patient Safety and Emerging Operational Approaches

  • Biomarkers in Oncology

  • Big Data: Hype or Hindrance? What is the Role in Exploratory Clinical Trials   




For speaking or sponsorship opportunities, contact
Edmond Rama  at +44 (0) 207 092 1052  or erama@healthnetworkcommunications.com


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