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Retrogenix’s cell microarray technology provides a fast, accurate and effective solution for discovering the human cell surface targets of antibodies, proteins, viruses and small molecules.  With more than 60% likelihood of finding a molecule’s receptor, Retrogenix provides the critical deconvolution step for phenotypic drug discovery and uncovers high quality, exploitable drug targets for its global pharmaceutical clients. 

Retrogenix Cell Microarray Platform:

• High throughput target deconvolution of antibodies and antibody fragments developed using phenotypic screening approaches 
• Discovery of secondary/off-target activities – reducing toxicity-based attrition and aiding decision-making
• Identification of receptors for natural protein ligands, peptides or viruses

Retrogenix’s unrivalled success is achieved using its proprietary cell microarray technology to screen molecules for interactions against the most comprehensive set of human plasma membrane proteins available in the context of human cells. This provides a biologically-relevant system for specific interactions to be rapidly detected with a high degree of sensitivity.