Aquila BioMedical

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Aquila BioMedical is an innovative, preclinical contract research organisation, offering clients world-leading research expertise in immuno-oncology, immunology and multiplex histology. 
We offer bespoke services combining advanced models with protocolled techniques. The result? High-value data allowing you to define the efficacy and the mechanism of action of drug/antibody candidates. Partner with us to benefit from expert advice and interpretation of data from superior and experienced scientists. 
A paradigm shift in cancer treatment 
Immunotherapy is now considered, alongside surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, as the fourth cornerstone of anticancer treatment. Our immuno-oncology services, benchmarked with relevant commercially available antibodies, can accelerate your research and development to expedite clinical progression. 
Understanding your treatment(s) immunomodulatory effects within the tumour microenvironment is of critical importance and this is where we can help. Our suite of services includes:

•    An exhausted CD4+ T cell assay
•    Human PBMC & T cell assay
•    Human Mixed Leukocyte Reactions (MLR)
•    Human, DC, macrophages and co-culture assays
•    Human Treg and macrophage suppression assays
•    T cell killing assay
•    Histological analysis of tumour samples
•    Human ex vivo patient assays in development