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About Abzena 

Abzena is the new name for the PolyTherics group, and is focused on providing proprietary technologies and value-added services to enable the development of better biopharmaceuticals.

Abzena comprises two wholly owned subsidiary businesses – PolyTherics and Antitope – which have established a broad suite of complementary technologies that are designed to improve the chances of successful development of antibodies and proteins with enhanced therapeutic benefits.

PolyTherics specializes in proprietary site-specific conjugation technologies for antibody drug conjugate development and solutions for optimisation of the therapeutic properties of biopharmaceuticals.

Antitope provides immunogenicity assessment, protein engineering to create humanized antibodies and deimmunised therapeutic proteins and cell line development for manufacture.

The group has built a global customer base over the past decade, including the top 10 pharma, large and small biotech, and academic groups.
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