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Technology Showcase, Tuesday 30 October 2018

Technology Showcase

Chaired by Ulf Grawunder, CEO, NBE Therapeutics

Vera Molkenthin
Technology Showcase

Further advancement for human antibody discovery

  • Technological developments for human antibody discovery and optimization platform
Sebastian Bunk
Technology Showcase

Development of highly potent T-cell receptor bispecifics with picomolar activity against tumor-specific HLA ligands

  • Soluble cancer therapeutics consisting of a T-cell recruiting antibody fused to affinity maturated and highly selective TCR domains capable of targeting tumor-specific peptides presented by HLA class I
  • TCR discovery and affinity maturation, which allow the generation of highly affine and specific TCRs against tumor-specific HLA-bound peptides as identified and validated by our target discovery engine XPRESIDENT®
  • Obtain highly potent TCR bispecifics with picomolar activity against different tumor cell lines showing endogenous expression of the target peptide while exhibiting no reactivity towards cells lacking target peptide expression
Dennis Flierman
Technology Showcase

Mapping antibody epitopes using constrained bicyclic peptides

  • Arrays of overlapping peptides
  • Mapping of conformational and discontinuous epitopes
  • Use of constrained mono- and bicyclic peptides
Kerstin Pohl
Technology Showcase

Chacterization and monitorization of Critical Quality Attributes. From Early to late-stage development

  • Overcome unusual challenges in the characterization of a monoclonal antibodies by LC-MS from early to late stage of development
  • Process the characterization of unusual modifications (such as sulfation, additional glycosylation), and of structural heterogeneity with both traditional methods as well as native SEC-MS method at the first stages of antibody development
  • Implement a complete and easy-to-use MAM workflow for biotherapeutic PQA monitoring using accurate mass LC-MS
  • Use this new streamlined MAM workflow to track known impurities and identify new impurities using a single software processing system that is as powerful as it is intuitive
Meelis Kadaja
Technology Showcase

HybriFree: a robust and rapid method for the development of therapeutic antibodies from rabbit and chicken

  • Immunization of wild type rabbits and chickens provides great diversity with broad epitope coverage, and picomolar affinities without affinity maturation
  • Good manufacturability of the antibodies is achieved by using CHO cells for the expression of IgG libraries that are developed directly from B-cells
  • Greater evolutionary distance of chicken yields greater immunogenicity against conserved targets
  • HybriFree antibody discovery platform is further powered by Icosagen’s patented QMCF expression technology that includes a proprietary VLP-Technology for the high level expression of membrane proteins incl. GPCRs

13:05 Networking Lunch

Eric Abellan
Technology Showcase

Moving bioprocess data into the cloud and towards big data – the first steps

  • Digitalization in bioprocessing
  • Centralized and standardized data
  • Data sharing across users, teams and organisation units to speed up time to market
  • Open access system: one platform for all bioprocess / analytical devices, brand independent
Marc Bisschops
Technology Showcase

Continuous bioprocessing: how to prepare for process efficiency in early stage process development

  • Using Quality by Design (QbD) principles for process design in early stage (continuous) process development
  • Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis to identify risks and define mitigation strategies
  • Scale-up/scale-down considerations for continuous downstream processing
  • Bioburden control and virus safety strategies in continuous downstream processing
David Passmore
Technology Showcase

Re-writing the rules of drug discovery: harness the power of biology to hit specified epitopes

  • Comp bio-derived immunogens and capture reagents to focus biology on high-value, differentiated epitopes
  • Immunization strategy informed by real-time immune response monitoring
  • elimination of promiscuous and high-risk specific off-target binders
  • Functional epitope mapping
Vipul Yadav
Technology Showcase

Soteria®: Revolutionising Oral Delivery of Antibodies

  • All antibody therapeutics are currently administered via injection
  • High systemic exposure and lack of targeted delivery to the disease site poses serious risks of adverse effects
  • Soteria® is a revolutionary platform technology that allows formulation of antibodies in a tablet or capsule
  • Relies on dual mechanism:
    • Targeted delivery of antibodies to the lower GI tract using proprietary Phloral® coating technology
    • Excipients in the core that stabilizes the biologic against proteolytic degradation and improves local/systemic bioavailability

15:55 Networking Break

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