Dr Ulrich Brinkmann | Scientific Director, Expert Scientist

Dr Ulrich Brinkmann, Scientific Director, Expert Scientist, Roche

Ulrich Brinkmann is a member of Roche’s Large Molecule Research organization within Pharma Research & Early Development at the Roche Innovation Center Munich (Penzberg, Germany). His work focuses on protein & antibody engineering, bispecifics, and on delivery platforms for targeted payload delivery. Prior to joining Roche, he served as CSO in functional genomics and pharmacogenetics companies Xantos and Epidauros. His previous work in Ira Pastans Molecular Biology Lab at the NIH/NCI in Bethesda, USA focused on antibody stabilization and engineering technologies, and on generating recombinant immunotoxins for cancer therapy. Dr. Brinkmann is author of numerous publications (2016 H-factor=55) and patents covering recombinant antibodies, pharmaco- & functional genomics, immunotoxins and protein engineering technologies and applications. 


EAC 2017 Day 3, Thursday 2nd November 2017 @ 14:45

Next generation bispecific antibodies

  • Bispecific Antibodies: from early concepts to drugs
  • 20 years (Coloma & Morrison 1997) of recombinant bsAb concepts - why did it take so long?
  • Diversity of formats - must have or nice to have?
  • BsAb drugs and bsAbs in clinical development
  • What comes next?

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