Stephen Nabarro | Head of Clinical Operations and Data Management, Centre for Drug Development
Cancer Research UK

Stephen Nabarro, Head of Clinical Operations and Data Management, Centre for Drug Development, Cancer Research UK

Stephen Nabarro has 15 years experience in oncology research and drug development. He completed a PhD in paediatric oncology at University College London, followed by a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge. In 2007 Steve joined Cancer Research UK, the largest funder of cancer research in Europe. In his role as Head of Clinical Operations and Data Management in the CRUK Centre for Drug Development his team have successfully adopted a risk based monitoring approach, implemented EDC and eTMF systems to improve quality and operational efficiency, and they are currently exploring novel approaches to patient involvement in clinical trials.


Clinical Trials Day 1- Monday 29th October @ 12:10

Patient centricity and clinical innovation in oncology trials

  • What patients actually want to read about in the informed consent documents
  • The value of patient input at all stages of a clinical programme, including protocol development
  • Insights from completing patient surveys mid-study
  • Novel approaches to deliver early phase trials that maximise patient benefit

Clinical Trials Day 1- Monday 29th October @ 17:30

Panel Discussion: what are the biggest hurdles in clinical trial recruitment and how can they be solved?

  • Which tools can be used to ease the enrolment process?
  • What are the biggest factors contributing to patients and investigator concerns?
  • Should social media be embraced more?
last published: 29/Oct/18 16:25 GMT
last published: 29/Oct/18 16:25 GMT

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