Dr Steffen Hartmann | Global Head Developability Assessment, Integrated Biologics Profiling

Dr Steffen Hartmann, Global Head Developability Assessment, Integrated Biologics Profiling, Novartis

Steffen studied Chemistry and Biochemistry in Germany and USA. He obtained his Ph.D. at the Friedrich-Miescher Institute for BioMedical Research in Basel, Switzerland. For more then ten years as labhead and group leader at Novartis Research in the Protein Analytics field, he worked on various topics such as kinetics and affinity analysis, epitope mapping, protein concentration analysis from crude matrixes for In-Process Control as well as pharamcokinetics and immunogenicity analysis employing techniques such as SPR/Biacore, ELISA-based methods, affinity chromatography, and mass spectrometry. In his current position as Head Protein Developability in the Integrated Biologics Profiling Unit at Novartis Biologics his responsibilities shifted towards assessing the technical developability of biologics candidates with the aim to identify the best molecule for further development into a new biopharmaceutical drug.

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