Sascha Mundstein | Senior Technologist

Sascha Mundstein, Senior Technologist, Pfizer

Sascha Mundstein (Harvard, INSEAD) is a digital engineer and emerging technology expert at Pfizer, where he has helped transform innovative ideas into solutions that benefit patients directly. In recent years, he has been focusing on mobile technologies, health data collection through sensors and trackers, scaling applications across multiple global markets and devising new analysis paradigms for patient data. Sascha has his rich experience in diverse fields such as fin-tech, linguistics, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, e-commerce and online marketing, as well as cryptocurrencies and blockchain, with the motivation to discover, develop and promote novel solutions and business models for the health care industry of the future.


Clinical Trials Day 2- Tuesday 30th October @ 09:00

The rise of the digital clinical trial

  • The global outlook of revolutionary technology for clinical trials
  • Exciting updates from Pfizer’s implementation of blockchain for clinical trials
  • What’s slowing down take up of technology in the pharma industry?
last published: 17/Jul/18 15:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jul/18 15:35 GMT

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