Roman Drai | Director, Clinical Development

Roman Drai, Director, Clinical Development, Geropharm

Establishing clinical development strategy from the pre-IND setting to pivotal trials and registration with focus on biosimilars of insulin and insulin analogues.

Successfully performed several clinical trials including hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamps and bioequivalence, Phase III trials. Incorporates elements of Risk Based Monitoring into clinical trials department at GEROPHARM.

Has joined clinical trials since Jan 2011. Worked in Quintiles in Endocrinology, Rheumatology, Cardiovascular, Oncology trials.

MD, PhD in the field of medicine. Experienced as a research fellow in preclinical studies (3 years in gastroenterology, 1 year in respiratory diseases, rheumatology, in diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, acute pancreatitis, multiple sclerosis).


Biosimilars Day 1 - Tuesday 29th October 2018 @ 14:30

Case Study: Biosimilar development in Russia and EuroAsian Union

last published: 17/Jul/18 15:35 GMT
last published: 17/Jul/18 15:35 GMT

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