Martin Schiestl | Chief Science Officer
Sandoz (Novartis)

Martin Schiestl, Chief Science Officer, Sandoz (Novartis)

Martin Schiestl obtained his PhD in chemistry with focus on analytical sciences at the University of Innsbruck/Austria in 1996. In the same year he started his work on Biosimilar medicines at Sandoz. He build up the analytical and pharmaceutical development departments for Sandoz' biopharmaceuticals in charge of the biosimilar pipeline and other biotech products of Sandoz. He moved from quality development into the regulatory and policy field in 2009 and since 2015 he is working as Chief Science Officer for Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals.



Biosimilars Day 1 - Monday 29th October 2018 @ 09:00

The totality of evidence for the approval of biosimilar applied

  • The concept of totality of evidence applied
  • Case studies for the development and assessment of biosimilar etanercept and rituximab
  • Tailoring biosimilar development in the future

Biosimilars Day 2 - Tuesday 30th October 2018 @ 08:55

Chair: Martin Schiestl, Chief Science Officer, Sandoz Biopharmaceuticals

Biosimilars Day 2 - Tuesday 30th October 2018 @ 10:00

Biosimilars: Current requirements and experience with EU and FDA approvals

Panel Discussion on regulation followed by questions from the audience
last published: 29/Oct/18 16:25 GMT
last published: 29/Oct/18 16:25 GMT

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