Jonathan Back | Deputy Director, Project Team Lead, Drug Discovery
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals SA

Jonathan Back, Deputy Director, Project Team Lead, Drug Discovery, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals SA

Jonathan has a phD in cellular and molecular biology from the university of Strasbourg. After a postdoctoral at the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (Lausanne Branch) in innate immunity, Jonathan joined Glenmark Pharmaceuticals in 2010 as senior research Officer. He holds now a position of Project Team Leader within the Biotherapeutic Discovery department in Switzerland. Within Glenmark, as discovery project lead, Jonathan contributed to the development of 2 BEAT antibodies and  one “standard” antibody, now in clinical phase for cancer or autoimmune diseases respectively. Jonathan has experience in designing and conducting discovery and translational development for immune-based biologics and notably T cell redirecting programs. Jonathan is also lecturer in immunology at the University of Neuchâtel.


World Immunotherapy Congress 2018, Day 2 @ 12:05

T cell redirecting antibodies based on Glenmark’s BEAT® platform

  • Presentation of GBR 1302 a CD3xHER2 T cell redirecting BEAT antibody currently in clinical development in metastatic breast and gastric cancers
  • Preclinical data highlighting the mechanism of action, and potency, in relation with standard of care
  • Translational data on primary cancer samples in relation with checkpoint combination and immune contexture
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