Dr Hanspeter Gerber | Vice President and CSO
Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development.

Dr Hanspeter Gerber, Vice President and CSO, Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development.

Hans-Peter Gerber received an MS in Biochemistry and a PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. He joined Genentech in 1995 as a visiting scientist, where he spent 11 years in research studying the mechanisms involved in the regulating blood vessel formation and developing therapeutic antibodies interfering with tumor growth. In March 2006, he joined Seattle Genetics as head of the Translational Biology Department, where he contributed to the development of therapeutic antibodies and ADCs. In April 2009, he joined Wyeth Discovery Research Oncology in Pearl River, NY. Since the acquisition by Pfizer in late 2009, he is leading the Bioconjugate Discovery and Development group at the Oncology Research Unit in Pearl River, NY,  where he is building a program to develop novel biotherapeutic drugs, including  antibody drug conjugates and bi-specific compounds redirecting immune effector cells to the tumor environment. Dr. Gerber is author of more than 90 scientific publications and 10 book chapters, and co-inventor in over 20 issued patents.

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