ChromaCon AG


ChromaCon AG is a leader in automated batch and continuous chromatographic process solutions having a unique portfolio of processes that are operated through our FPLC systems. With our partner LEWA Process Technologies we offer the best-in-class process solutions from lab-to GMP production scale. Our continuous processes are most advanced, with customers operating them at GMP scale.
Our vision is to support our customers with the best available purification technology providing tangible benefit. Our customers benefit from getting the most efficient process solutions, saving time and obtaining significant higher process productivities and cost savings.
Our Contichrom® laboratory-scale FPLC equipment systems for the purification of antibodies and proteins offer:
  • conventional single-column batch capabilities, supported by an intuitive operating software
  • automated multi-step purification, providing the fastest and easiest way from feed to purified tagged proteins and antibodies using fixed and customized multi-step purification recipes
  • high-throughput automated purification of antibodies and tagged proteins for R&D labs
  • continuous processes for capture and polish step purification supported by dynamic process control and automated wizards for process development
  • an automated process for the enrichment and isolation of minor components from complex mixtures for pre-clinical and proteomic research providing a step change in efficiency