ETF & Indexing Investments Summit 2014,ETC Venues, St. Paul's, London, UK
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Amundi ETF

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With more than €750 billion of assets under management*, Amundi is one of the world’s largest asset managers, trusted by its clients for its value-added advice and performing solutions.  With a long-standing experience combined with a strong pricing power, we offer first-class replication on more than 100 indices. The Indexing expertise is built on the search for value-added sources within strict risk framework, and offers a wide range of open-ended funds as well as customised mandates. Amundi is also a major player in the ETF segment, thanks to its strategy of competitive prices, innovation and high-quality tracking. Our experienced team of dedicated index fund managers, based in Europe and in Japan benefits from Amundi dealing capabilities and research teams’ excellence.

* Amundi Group data as at 30 September 2013

Silver Sponsor
Amundi ETF at ETF & Indexing Investments Summit 2014