ETF & Indexing Investments Summit 2014,ETC Venues, St. Paul's, London, UK
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Ms Irene Bauer | Partner
Twenty 20 Investments

Ms Irene Bauer, Partner, Twenty 20 Investments

Irene is a founding partner of Twenty20 Investments and is a leading specialist in innovative portfolio construction models which control target risk while optimizing the portfolio's returns. Previously, Irene has been at iShares, BlackRock, in a client advisory role providing portfolio solutions, along with insights gained from a rigorous ETF investment research process. Prior to that, Irene gained experience across all aspects of ETFs while designing and researching new ETF products at iShares, covering the fixed income, equities, commodities & alternatives asset classes.

In her time at Barclays Global Investors Irene worked within the asset allocation team in the Active Fixed Income business, where she applied her expertise to the scientific investment approach of BGI. Her career in the financial services industry started at ABN Amro where she was responsible for the modelling of structured products, specializing in mortgage backed securities.

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