George Stathopoulos | Director Rural North & South

George Stathopoulos, Director Rural North & South, OTE

George recently appointed Director of OTE Rural Broadband North & OTE Rural Broadband South. These two 100% OTE Group subsidiaries were created as Public Private Partnership entities in order to Design, Build and Operate the partially subsidized Rural Broadband Networks that will offer Wholesale only Broadband Services to-the harder to reach- ‘NGA white’ areas of Greece. 

George joined OTE Group in 2009 and before heading OTE Rural Broadband he had the role of OTE Group Strategy & Business Development Deputy Director with main area of responsibility the formulation of Strategic & Business Plan for Fixed and Mobile NGA/NGN Networks in Greece. Before joining OTE Group, he worked for 8 years in Wind Hellas as Senior Manager for Strategic Planning and Strategic Projects Program Management.

He holds M.Eng. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens, Msc. in Telecommunication and Information Systems from University of Essex U.K. and M.B.A. from Athens University of Economics and Business. 


Connected Europe Day 1 @ 11:20

Rural access: Delivering connectivity for the hardest-to-reach

  •     Understanding the current state of investment and regulation for delivering rural access networks
  •     Business models for rural access
  •     The role of alternative access technologies including satellite and hybrid networks 

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