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Bioprocessing is an area that is being impacted by genomics and systems biology in ways that nobody could have predicted a decade ago. Last year’s Cell Culture World Congress highlighted the impact of genomics on cell line development, and bringing end-to-end manufacturing to reality.


We live in an era where understanding CHO cell biology could very well mean transforming them into veritable nano-machines – capable of producing therapeutic proteins with little to no waste or need for maintenance. It is also an era where we could be witnessing a new CHO cell alternative to take the crown away if industry knows where to look.

The current state of bioprocessing is transformational and transitional – and the data and strategies are matching that.


So for 2017, Cell Culture World Congress USA is focusing on using analysis of metabolic dynamics as a systems biology approach to CHO cell enhancement, bridging the gap between upstream and downstream manufacturing, and how we can enhance (and replace!) CHO cells in a bioreactor environment to maximize productivity.


The event is co-located with Americas Antibody Congress and the World Biosimilar Congress USA, so that even if you want a break from bioprocessing and want to discuss engineering or pricing, you have some place to go – and your ticket includes admission to all three.


Cell Culture World Congress USA 2017

Cell Culture World Congress USA 2017

Cell Culture World Congress USA 2017

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