Our 2017 agenda is still in the works, but in the meantime, here's a look at what our 2016 event had to offer!




3D Antibody Modeling

  • How models have changed between the two assessments
  • What models can do for therapeutic research
  • Modeling an unknown target


Lessons from Ebola - Pandemic preparedness and antibodies against infectious diseases

  • What are the benefits and concerns surrounding plasma transfusion technology
  • How does the antibody therapy delivered in this manner differ from lab-made antibodies
  • Downstream considerations for plasma transfusion approach


New innovations in ADC payloads: a new class to improve efficacy

  • Comparing this new class to previous innovations
  • Varying potency through linker selection
  • Importance of conjugation chemistry in ADC design


Addressing translational questions in ADC design

  • Understanding the impact of ADC design choices on therapeutic index
  • Connecting antigen and tumor characteristics to sensitivity to ADCs
  • Connecting short-term and long-term responses to ADCs using mathematical modeling


How sampling and characterization of human antigens changes how we produce therapeutic antibodies

  • Antibody characterization in vaccine research
  • Development of therapeutic antibodies for infectious diseases
  • How the interface between vaccine and antibody research is integral to success





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