Biosimilar Drug Development Europe 2016

Biosimilar Drug Development:Our Story


Our story started in 2012, when the event launched as a sister conference alongside the World Generic Medicines Congress. The topic of biosimilars had been debated and discussed for many years within the generics event, but as the commercial, political and scientific drivers continued to pick up pace, we provided a much needed platform to get a head start in this emerging and rapidly changing sector. 

So, we branched out with a focussed event that covered the scientific, commercial, technological, regulatory and clinical elements required to take a biosimilar from bench to market. 

The pace of change over recent years has been overwhelming, as the regulatory and political backdrop have developed to open up more opportunities for biosimilar developers, and the first biosimilars have launched in Europe. It is a great time to be involved in the biosimilars industry, and this event is the place manufacturers go to learn how to create opportunities, build partnerships and solve challenges. 

Gain true insight on winning development, manufacturing, clinical and commercialisation strategies for biosimilars in the global market. Navigate the challenges in the clinic, the manufacture and development of biosimilar medicines as well as explore the commercial aspects of the industry. This is your best chance to find out where the true biosimilar industry growth opportunities lie and what role they can play in your portfolio.

Join us in Barcelona, and be part of the story.



"It was well organised and helpful in understanding the key trends in biosimilars"

Scientific Director, ADE Pharma Ltd


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