Biogas UK 2014,etc.venues Maple House, Birmingham, UK
The UK’s biogas meeting place - Biogas UK 2014

Mr Sean Hill | Organic and Biosolids Solutions Manager

Mr Sean Hill, Organic and Biosolids Solutions Manager, GENeco

Sean entered the Agricultural industry in 1989, and after a period in time quarrying and sales work with Southern Water on biosolids sales. Sean spent a short spell with Agrivert as contract manager and moved into Wessex Water managing their biosolids and sludge operations. 5 years ago Sean was one of the founder managers of GENeco, the renewable energy and waste treatment external facing subsidiary of Wessex Water. Having delivered the promise of becoming zero waste and carbon neutral, the company has diversified it’s base to include composting, food waste AD, wind turbines, gas to grid, the Biobug ‘poo powered beetle’ and other innovations.

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Day One

@ 11.00
Has the UK water industry fulfilled the potential of biomethane grid injection? Can Water and Sewerage companies be at the forefront of the energy revolution?

How could the new processes for Advanced Anaerobic Digestion shape the energy industry?
Is there a future for Co-digestion in the UK? Will the benefits of using existing infrastructure break down the EU barriers to include sewage sludge as an allowable material?
Is there a need for more balanced regulations to establish fair competition among waste & water companies? Would the latter lead to other organic waste being treated as sewage sludge?
What’s next: can biomethane be a mainstream solution for Water & Sewerage companies to produce vehicle fuel and sustain their large transport fleets?

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