Biogas UK 2014,etc.venues Maple House, Birmingham, UK
The UK’s biogas meeting place - Biogas UK 2014

Mr Michael Dunn | Director
Iona Capital

Mr Michael Dunn, Director, Iona Capital

Michael has over 20 years' experience within waste management and infra-structure investment. He has worked for both the public and private sector and held board positions for the last 15 years of his career including chairman of ELWA Ltd, which operates the largest MBT facility within the UK. In addition to his roles and responsibilities as a Director of Iona where Michael sits on the Investment Committee and the Group Boards, he is a non-executive Director of London Waste Limited and a voting member of the Investment Committee of the London Waste and Recycling Board.

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Appearances coming up:

Day Two

@ 09.10
Getting AD projects to financial close- How to make yourself risk friendly.

Outlining the investment challenge in the first investment in small scale farm-based AD market.
With funders requiring long-term feedstock guarantees how can developer’s secure organic feedstock from the municipal and commercial sectors?
What do investors look for when selecting the latest technologies?
Can investor confidence be secured through joint venture partnering?

@ 09.30
Panel: Do investors see AD projects as high risk?

To what extent does the lengthy process of closing deals on an AD project and therefore the threat of future reductions in the tariff deter investors?
Optimising AD plants: How does the feedstock, plant design, fermentation temperature and retention time effect the biogas yield?
How will the risk of tariff reduction effect subsidiary levels for AD projects?
Establishing long term financing possibilities and security of income

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