Quin Wills | Head of Advanced Genomics
Novo Nordisk

Quin Wills, Head of Advanced Genomics, Novo Nordisk

As a research MD and computational genomicist with over ten years industry and academic pharmacogenomics expertise, my long-standing research interest has been cellular genetics models to study human pathophysiologies.  Under the Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford I'm leading a new hybrid industry-academic team trying to improve liver metabolism. We experimentally and computationally model how systems of genes and cells interact, and how these systems might be therapeutically manipulated to improve metabolism and healthspan.


BioData EU- Day 1 @ 18:05

Bioinformatics as a Service: A National Resource to Support Biomedical Research in QatarMassively parallel single-cell CRISPR sequencing in organoid models

  • Genetic epidemiology and CRISPR screens both still struggle to make highly predictive comments about drug target modifiers (i.e. precision medicine) .
  • Using liver organoid models, while integrating single-cell sequencing with CRISPR, we are dissecting out the cross-talk between metabolic pathways to understand target interactions.
  • The pipeline and novel methods underlying such genetic screens and the types of results bing generated will be presented.
last published: 21/Sep/18 15:35 GMT

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