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No matter what area of the healthcare system or pharmaceutical industry you find yourself in, one thing is clear – data is key.

Whether you are using it for drug development or improving healthcare practices, developing novel IT architecture, gaining meaning from exabytes of Genomic data to discover new biological pathways and cures, developing open-source data democratization systems using Blockchain or using AI to gain meaning from images and EHR– there are many hurdles to overcome and opportunities to take advantage of.

So, with that in mind, the BioData World Congress 2020 will bring together pharma/biotechs, healthcare, academia and the community that serve them, to discuss how to come together to improve efficiencies within IT and biodata for the benefit of patients worldwide.

Industry- & thought-leading topics bringing together the whole value chain

  • Discover how peers are transforming big data into smart data
  • Hear best practices in data management as well as data computing and processing
  • Conquer the challenges of data integration and infrastructure
  • Learn about applications of AI and machine learning
  • Discover how to save time in the curation of data to gain meaningful insights
  • Work on the challenge of gaining good quality data and tackle the “garbage in garbage out” dilemma
  • Discover how to accelerate your drug design processes using big data and genomics
  • Uncover the power of clinical stratification through AI
  • Develop new IT architectures to empower researchers 
  • Gain insights into new more efficient global e-trials for rare diseases and understand how to increase compliance through the process


Data Management and StorageData Management and Storage

focuses on future proofing data architecture and storage facilities across pharma and healthcare to cost effectively and efficiently archive and access data sets that were once the reserve for astrophysicists. This track is designed for Heads of IT, Data Architects, Heads of Data Management, Chief Information Officers and Chief Data Officers.


Bioinformatics is one of the most exciting branches of scientific exploration. With vast databases of multiomic and phenomic data becoming accessible we are now starting to reap the benefits of computer science, information engineering, mathematics and statistics to analyse and interpret biological data. Finding signals in these vast data sets is becoming more accessible with the advent of next generation computing power and AI to define the circuitry and develop novel cures to complex diseases. Here we will discover the latest advances. This track is developed for the bioinformaticians of tomorrow, heads of bioinformatics, heads of translational sciences, Heads of Statistics and heads of computational biology looking to futureproof their discovery processes.

Data Integration

Data is power. To you, your discovery process and company bottom line. Here we are looking into how every major pharma company is preparing to squeeze value from data across the company and connect disparate data sources. This painstaking process of curating the data from numerous different data sources, formats and values comes with many challenges. Here we will discuss new software, large scale companywide integration projects, opportunities, FAIRification and insights from the very leads of the projects.This track is developed for companies working on integration projects, CDO’s, CIO’s, Heads of Architecture, Heads of Knowledge Management.


AI/ML has vast transformation potentials for pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Here we will look into some of the leading examples and use cases so that you can learn how to integrate the technology across your organisation. This track has been developed for heads of R&D, CIOs, Directors of AI, Heads of Data Sciences, Head of Target Discovery and those wishing to be the trailblazers of AI integration across their company.

Analytics Platforms

Here we will look into developing proper solutions for the demands of biologists and scientists across large pharma companies. Scientists by trade are not necessarily data scientists and vice versa. Hence, as pharma companies become increasingly more data-driven, providing contextual analyzed data out of all the stored data sets in an accessible manner is paramount to success and furthering R&D efforts. This session is developed for Heads of Knowledge Management, Principle Scientists, Project Coordinators and Heads of Discovery, Heads of IT.



RWE- Real World Evidence

With aging populations and price models no longer fitting the standard. RWE is here to change the way that we price our drugs and deliver new efficacious cures in a sustainable manner to patients. Here we will learn how new commercial culture is driving digital and analytics to better patient outcomes. This track is developed for anyone working in the transect between healthcare and pharma to study new value pathways and develop new evidence generation systems to better patient outcomes and facilitate a sustainable global health system.

Big Data and Oncology

Oncology is the hot bed of drug development using big data sets. Here we will learn more from the latest studies in the space with developments of new diagnostic technologies and understanding tumour driving genes and drug targets we can develop new cures. Hear from groundbreaking presentations from GARIL and Foundation Medicine you will get a glimpse into the future of the field. This track is developed for anyone involved in oncology looking to understand the latest technologies in the space.

Clinical Trials and Precision Medicine

Clinical trials are changing rapidly. As one of the most expensive parts of the drug development process we will look into how data driven technologies can bring down costs, reduce dropouts through better patient satisfaction and enable truly representative real-world data. This track is for anyone leading clinical trials, running digital trials, looking to understand digital biomarkers and enabling wearables and other digital technologies in trials of the future. 

Rare Diseases

Rare diseases present a vast number of challenges, oxymoronically as the most common uncommon maladies to effect health systems they present unique challenges. These include finding patients for trials, disparate locations of patients, understanding mechanisms of diseases, drug development costs, trial dropouts and of course the diagnostics of these debilitating diseases by doctors worldwide. It is an area where we see some of the most progressive science and paradigm shifts in how we develop treatments. Designed for anyone involved in drug development, rare diseases, RWE, hospital systems and decentralised trials you are sure to see some of the most fascinating developments showcased on this track.

Digital Health

Healthcare is changing and so are its methods of treatment and diagnostics. Here we will learn about digital therapeutics, digital diagnostics using wearables, patient enabled sciences, market forces and the future of m-Health in our society. Learn from the global leaders to benchmark your organisation. Developed for heads of digital health, CDOs, heads of clinical trials, heads of m-Health and anyone looking to see how a purely digital methodology can transform healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry.



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