Genialis is a cloud based platform designed to deliver insights from your NGS data. Interactive visualizations empower non-computational biologists and clinicians to find answers, even to the questions they didn’t think to ask. Data experts, meanwhile, use our SDK and GUI tools to develop and automate workflows to support their research groups. Genialis Platform offers a one of a kind user experience, from data curation and QA/QC to bioinformatics decision support to exploratory visual analytics. Our configurable workflows accommodate all types of inquiry, whether interrogating the transcriptome, genome, or epigenome; bulk samples or single cells; or any combination in between.

Genialis is based in Houston, Boston, and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Our customers include world class pharmaceutical, translational and academic enterprises, as well as small to medium businesses and even individual researchers. Our team is diverse and accomplished, dedicated to engaging all stakeholders with their data.