Global supercomputing leader Cray builds innovative systems and solutions enabling scientists and engineers to meet existing and future simulation and analytics challenges. 

Leveraging 40 years of experience in developing the world’s most advanced supercomputers, Cray offers high-performance computing, storage and data analytics solutions delivering unrivaled performance, efficiency and scalability. 

Whether you’re in big pharma or at a genomics research center, Cray’s leadership in life sciences enables research without boundaries. Our technology — both on-premise and in the cloud — powers innovation in life science fields including medical imaging, molecular dynamics, healthcare analytics, NGS and cybersecurity.

Ready to ramp up your NGS workflows? We’ll help you do genomic analysis up to five times faster than with other systems. Cray systems can handle the world's largest molecular dynamics simulations, scaling nearly linearly up to tens of thousands of nodes. And GPU-based architectures like Cray’s CS-Storm™ system can provide significant performance benefits for medical imaging applications.

Cray gives you more than speed. We simplify time-to-operation by building key analytics software right into our system architecture. 

Our industry-leading technologies are available in configurations to meet every budget and need. Whatever your research question, Cray makes it easy to take advantage of high-performance computing advancements.