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Mr David Brown | Joint Managing Director
Bluebox Avionics Ltd | United Kingdom

Mr David Brown, Joint Managing Director, Bluebox Avionics Ltd

Following almost twenty five years in technology development, consultancy and leadership roles, David led a MBO from an IT consultancy to set up AviIT in 2004. As a Director at his previous business, Dave created its airline sector business, which he grew from nothing to a turnover of over $5m per annum in a few years. Aviation IT was created with a focus the effective application of IT in the aviation sector. 
It was a chance conversation with CSP DMD Phantom in 2006 that lead to the creation of the Bluebox Avionics Joint Venture. From the start the Bluebox proposition was to be different from the mainstream embedded IFE systems involving expensive, heavy and slowly evolving equipment with long ROI cycles. The start was portable IFE based on Consumer-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) devices and this achieved a modest degree of success in the face of a world of proprietary technology. The arrival of the iPad changed the game and Bluebox Avionics has shipped over 8,000 Bluebox Ai, iPad-based units since late 2011. 
AviIT's other products for assisting in the challenge of managing the effective distribution of many different types of technical publications and manuals in the aircraft maintenance, eMan, or the analysis and distribution of ACARS messaging, Archimedes, highlight Dave's belief that there are many challenges in the aviation world that can be more simply handled. 
With a passion for ensuring the effective application of technology, Dave is a frequent participant in industry events.

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Appearances coming up:

Day 2, 29 October 2014, Premium Conference

@ 08.50
Chairperson’s opening remarks

Day 1, 28 October 2014, Premium Conference

@ 13.30
Executive Discussions

Roundtable 1: Enhancing customer experience

  • How to develop a unique and consistent customer experience?
  • Assessing the risks and benefits of one-for-all vs. segmentized customer experience
  • Sharing case study on Cebu Pacific Air’s strategies in building a loyal passenger base

CONFIRMED: Josefina Ignacio , Director - Guest Experience & Innovation, Cebu Pacific Air

Roundtable 2: Route development

  • Asssessing the impact of the Gulf and Turkish carriers, as well as improvements in technology on airlines route development practices
  • What are the strategies for route development in considerartion of the over-capacity in LCC sector
  • Infrastructure challenges and potential solutions

CONFIRMED: Michael Burke , Assistant Director – Commercial, Hong Kong Airlines

Roundtable 3: Expansion and capacity planning

  • Identifying new markets and flying to the right destinations? How to deal with a particular route that does not grow or grow very slowly?
  • Determining the optimal fleeting of the schedule to maximise profitability: Which commercial tool for network planning is better?
  • Open sky opportunities: Assessing the opportunities and threats of unlimited multiple destinations.

CONFIRMED: Rafael Taizhanov , Director, Commercial Planning, Air Astana

Roundtable 4: The millennial generation

  • How will the millennial generation impact the future of corporate travel?
  • What will be their preferred method of payment?
  • What do airlines need to do to keep up with their demands?

CONFIRMED: Mark Rademaker , Managing Director - Emerging Markets, UATP

Roundtable 5:  IFEC - The future in your passegners' hands

  • Do embedded systems have a role in the future of IFEC?
  • The impact of portable devices
  • The growth of wireless content streaming
  • External connectivity
  • New commercial models

CONFIRMED: David Brown , Joint Managing Director, Bluebox Avionics

Day 2, 29 October 2014, Premium Conference

@ 15.30
Chairperson’s closing remarks. End of conference day 2. Afternoon refreshment.

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