For over a decade, Terrapinn has been the leader in bringing together CEOs, CTOs, CCOs, and CMOs from low cost airlines like Norwegian and Frontier to the largest global carriers such as American Airlines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines .


In 2017, we will create 1 event with 6 distinct foci and sub-event brands; World Low Cost Airline Congress, Aviation Strategy, Aviation Interiors, Air Xperience, Aviation Marketing, and Aviation IT.


Every year we have expanded our total number of different airline carriers in attendance, and we are still able to boast the best ratio of airlines to solution providers. Last year we had 54 different carriers, which made up 50% of the total audience.

As we grow globally, we have gained participation from European carriers like Flybe to South American carriers like Sky Airline based in Chile and Azul Airlines based in Brazil.


As the aviation sector continues to rely on technology more and more every day, we recognize the importance of creating an event where you can easily connect with the top IT airline leaders who are moving the industry forward. For that reason at our May 2017 event, the CEO of Jetstar  and the CEO of Spirit will deliver thought provoking keynote presentations.


By attending Aviation Festival Americas, you will gain complete access to the global airline market that is traditionally difficult to penetrate. Most importantly, the festival allows you to meet real buyers and decision makers.





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