Romi Savova | Founder & CEO

Romi Savova, Founder & CEO, PensionBee

Ex-Goldman Sachs, ex-Morgan Stanley, Romi is an insider in the financial world, and she is now on a mission to give people control over their money, particularly their pensions. Born out of her own frustration when trying to transfer benefits from a previous employer’s scheme, PensionBee aims to help savers track down the various pensions they have contributed to and consolidate them before encouraging them to start making more contributions.


Wealth 2.0 day 1 @ 14:10

Disrupting the traditional pension industry and engaging a lost generation

·         Overview of Pensionbee’s mission: Making pensions simple
·         Attracting the ‘lost generation’: Which channels are Pensionbee using and why?
·         Using technology to gain and sustain customer engagement
·         Tackling the challenge of natural trust barrier for financial products


Wealth 2.0 day 1 @ 16:20

Keynote panel discussion: Improving your customer’s digital experience to increase retention

  • What digital offerings are companies using to improve customer retention?
  • How does that experience change across different channels?
  • Avoiding abandonments through an improved customer experience
  • Loyalty schemes and rewards: What’s working?

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