May Revecho | Remote Learning Head
PAREF Southcrest School

May Revecho, Remote Learning Head, PAREF Southcrest School

May graduated with her Bachelor of Education Major in Physics and Chemistry in 2009. She is on a study leave from working on her thesis for her Masters of Education in Chemistry. 

She has been teaching science since 2010. Her work experience also includes coaching several teams for robotics competitions and leading the Senior High School Department of PAREF Southcrest School. 

Last 2020, she lead a team to migrate the school's curriculum for remote learning. Currently, she is part of the team leading the preparation for Hybrid learning.


EDUtech Philippines 2022 Conference Day 1 @ 16:00

Live Panel: The classroom of the future: building a technology-enabled curriculum

  • Identifying priorities in the curriculum where technology is enriching and enhancing
  • The targeted use of technology to improve personalised learning
last published: 16/Feb/22 05:45 GMT

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