Abram Abanil | Director IV, Information and Communications Technology Service
Department of Education

Abram Abanil, Director IV, Information and Communications Technology Service, Department of Education

Mr. Abram Abanil has over 25 years of experience in the education sector focusing in the areas of software development, education technology, planning, research, and data analysis. He started his career as a researcher in Ateneo de Manila University before moving into the Department of Education (DepEd) where he took part in developing the first versions of the Basic Education Information System and the Learner Information System which were the first national systems for collecting school data and learner data respectively. He left the Department in 2012 and had several consulting projects with organizations such as GIZ, UNICEF, World Bank, Asia Foundation, Poveda, and Ateneo where he developed various information systems and conducted policy research.

In December 2017, he returned to the Department of Education as the Director for the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Service. He is currently responsible for deploying all the ICT equipment in schools, implementing systems to automate the business processes of the Department, and has been instrumental in conceptualizing/operationalizing the use of ICT in education.

Under his leadership, 951,696 ICT equipment were delivered increasing the number of public schools with ICT equipment to 94%, mobile computer laboratories were introduced reducing the need for a dedicated classroom to conduct computer classes, the DepEd Commons was deployed to 12.9M users, the DepEd Learning Management System (DLMS) was released, the DepEd Mobile Apps was released to initially gather COVID-19 vaccination data, DepEd TV and Radio were established, partnerships with 11 TV/cable stations were established to air video lectures during the COVID-19 period, virtual INSET covering 18 courses was conducted for 514,659 teachers in a one month period, online tutoring sessions were conducted for parents and learners during the COVID-19 pandemic period, DepEd email accounts were issued to 21 million public school learners, all on-premise systems were migrated to Azure Cloud, and the DepEd ERP was procured.

DepEd received the Policy Maker EdTech Champions award in the mEducation Alliance 10th Anniversary held on 11 Feb 2021, the Grand Prize for Outstanding Thematic Presentation from Signis Asia TV held on 12-14 May 2021 for its DepEd TV project, two Silver Play buttons from YouTube for the Edtech and DepEd TV Channels on 13 Sep 2021, as well as the National Winner for Best Pre-school Program and Best Children’s Program in the Asian Creative Awards on 30 Sep 2021. The DepEd Commons was the top 4th trending searches in Philippines in the year 2020.


EDUtech Philippines 2022 Conference Day 2 @ 15:30

Live Panel: (Re)designing virtual classrooms

  • Designing for scalability
  • Tools for accessible and consistent communication with students, parents and guardians
  • Maximising what you have in your toolbox
  • Assessing new tech tools
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