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K-12 Conference, Monday 17 August 2020


EduTECH Virtual Philippines 2020 K-12 Conference Opening Remarks

K-12 Technology Leadership

Xueqin Jiang
K-12 Conference

Training teachers to promote creativity: Lessons from China

Jose Ramelle Javier
K-12 Conference

LEADERSHIP: Realities and Safety Nets among K-12 Schools in a Distance Learning Environment

  • Realities of K to 12 Schools in the face of DL
  • Leadership in the face of DL
  • Schools' Safety Nets in the face of DL
Panel discussion
K-12 Conference

Live Panel: Rethinking schooling and learning models after the pandemic

COVID-19 has brought about a set of unprecedented challenges schools and all its stakeholders — teachers, students and staff. Everyone needs to adapt to changes in terms of delivery of instruction and learning. However, as we transition back to the physical environment, how can this then affect the role of teachers, the competencies they require, the organisation of schooling as well as the curriculum of the future?

K-12 Remote Learning

Fr. Benigno Beltran, SVD
K-12 Conference

Key learnings from COVID-19: Adapting to the new normal

Mikee De Ocampo
K-12 Conference

Smart classrooms for transformative learning with LG

Panel discussion
K-12 Conference

Live Panel: How assessments can be effective now and for the future

As blended learning has broadened the possibilities of assessments even further in the Philippine educational landscape, educators begin to rethink on what are some of the strategies for effective authentic assessments to be implemented in the school. Assessments are never like before and we must think out of the box to help students learn & interact in new and exciting ways.
Anand Chawla
K-12 Conference

Implementing digital learning at scale

Panel discussion
K-12 Conference

Live Panel: Building a robust STEAM program during and after school closures – the challenges and way forward

With school closures, it has been challenging for students to gain access to opportunities and technologies that could help expand their knowledge in their STEAM-related interests. Now with the reopening of schools, how can educators continue to deliver interactive STEAM experiences for students in a hybrid learning environment, and what are some of their key takeaways and challenges they faced?

Live Townhall Meetings

round tables
K-12 Conference

EduTECH Virtual Philippines 2020 K-12 Conference Closing Remarks

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