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Higher Ed Conference, Tuesday 18 August 2020


EduTECH Virtual Philippines 2020 HE Conference Opening Remarks

Higher Ed Technology Leadership

Ferdinand Pitaan
Higher Ed Conference

Leading education through technology during the pandemic

  • Outcome-based, inquiry-based curriculum
  • Differentiated self-regulated learning delivery
  • Non-traditional integrative assessment
  • Leading and managing the new normal
Delia DeCourcy
Higher Ed Conference

Collaboration During Disruptive Times

Panel discussion
Higher Ed Conference

Live Panel: Supporting campus through emergency preparedness and development plans

In the age of COVID-19, it has become increasingly essential for universities to develop a coherent plan to respond and recover from such crises and emergencies. How can the institution then, come together to create a business continuity plan that is agile and digitally-ready to remain competent in today’s fast-changing society?
Edward M Dela Rosa, Chief TESD Specialist, T.E.S.D.A - Curriculum and Training Aids Development
Aime Michelle Lazaro
Higher Ed Conference

Using online training to facilitate PD and capacity building among educators post-COVID

  • Rethinking effective professional development for educators
  • Exploring the use of technology in delivering online PD
  • Applying models for online PD programs
  • Case in point: Tech to Teach Pilot Implementation
Bently Roxas
Higher Ed Conference

Significance of Technology Leadership in Technology Integration in Education

  • Technology Leadership
  • Technology Integration in Education
  • Online Teaching
  • Online Learning
Panel discussion
Higher Ed Conference

Live Panel: How do we prepare students for a future learning environment

The world of education, learning and teaching is everchanging,and educators are invested in creatingrelevantlearning experiencesthat could connect with the modern workforce.Beyond tools and technologies,universities arediscovering new ways for students to develop skills to think critically, collaborate effectively andsolving innovatively.

Higher Ed Remote Learning

Hui Yuan
Higher Ed Conference

IdeaHub Paves the Way for Smart Education

Ramhari Lamichhane
Higher Ed Conference

Extending and adapting problem-based learning in a remote setting

Panel discussion
Higher Ed Conference

Live Panel: Learning in the new normal post-COVID – challenges and opportunities

Never has there been a concerted effort for institutions from around the world to digitise education and educators are looking into finding new ways to reimagine learning in the new normal. As universities are reopening again, educators are presented with a new set of challenges in transition and opportunities that they can embrace to enhance the learning experience.
Julius R. Migriño, Jr.
Higher Ed Conference

Gamification in online Higher Education

  • Gamification in education is NOT necessarily creating games for education
  • Gamification has 3 main elements: abstraction, mechanics, and interfaces
  • We can adopt new techniques in education by learning from game designers
  • Greater accessibility to technology is a fertile ground for gamification in education
Bruce Lee Xia Sheng
Higher Ed Conference

Augmented Reality (AR) as an Effective Blended Learning Medium

  • 8th Mass Medium
  • e-Learning Trigger
  • Blended Learning
  • Student Engagement
Panel discussion
Higher Ed Conference

Live Panel: Implementing problem-based learning in a remote setting

In a remote setting, problem-based learning cannot be effectively reduced to watching videos, taking quizzes to assess a student’s progress, or even reading texts. Discover what are the ways to help students adapt to the new remote environment, raise inquiry-based questions, critique problems, synthesizing them and enabling collaboration to still take place albeit in a remote setting.

Live Townhall Meetings

round tables
Higher Ed Conference

Townhall Meeting 1: Assessment strategies for HE

  • Maintaining academic integrity in the online classroom
  • Providing continuous support for faculty
  • How to build online/virtual assessment strategies as a new capability
  • What are the opportunities and challenges with online assessments?
Higher Ed Conference

EduTECH Virtual Philippines 2020 HE Conference Closing Remarks

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