Seri Nur Roslan | EdTech Coordinator
Fairview International School

Seri Nur Roslan, EdTech Coordinator, Fairview International School

Hi, I'm Seri Nur Xaiqullisa, Master in Instructional Multimedia from Universiti Sains Malaysia. I am a pioneer educational technology specialist in Fairview International School. Working closely with classroom teachers, principals and  administrators. I aim to achieve best practice in technology integration into teaching and learning with maximum energy. My expertise are in the field of eLearning and  multimedia. I always use my enthusiasm for cutting-edge technologies to identify new approaches to help schools  accomplish their goals of learning and efficiency.


EduTECH Malaysia 2021 Conference Day 1 @ 16:15

Pengalaman dalam pengunaan Aplikasi Pembelajaran untuk Sekolah Maya (Experiences in the use of a Learning App for Virtual School)

This session is conducted in Malay.
last published: 25/Feb/21 02:25 GMT

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