Grace Chow | Founder
Tadika Aktif

Grace Chow, Founder, Tadika Aktif

Founded Tadika Aktif in 2005 which is a Multiple Intelligent kindergarten. In 2015, I started to focus on 21st century skills and STEM education. At that time, no trainings were available and tools were rather limited. By 2018, the foundation and mindset of our teachers were ready for 21st century education. Through the EduTECH platform, I manage to voice out the Revolution Needed In Education via AI. As products were being produced I can now use them for the benefit of all kids especially the Special Needs Kids. I am part of the change agent to help create awareness of STEAM education to parents, teachers and students.


EduTECH Malaysia 2021 Conference Day 1 @ 17:30

Townhall Meeting: What makes a school really smart? Tips and Ideas

last published: 25/Feb/21 02:25 GMT

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