EduTECH Malaysia K-12 Agenda


K-12 Conference [English], Wednesday 24 February 2021

Xiang Qin Lim
K-12 Conference [English]

Organizer’s Opening Remarks

K-12 Digital Leadership

Varinderjit Singh

Smart Solutions for Learning Beyond Classroom

Panel discussion

Smart Schools

Colin Marson

Helping everyone in the world, learn anything in the world

Bringing our best to education to enable every leader, empower every educator, equip every student, and evolve every day
All Johari Bin Ibrahim
K-12 Conference [English]

Fireside Chat: Curating End to End Digital Learning Solutions for your School

Interviewee: All Johari Bin Ibrahim, Headmaster, SK Sultan Hisamuddin Alam Shah
K-12 Conference [English]

Presentation: Marginalised communities: Strategies for learning in challenging times

K-12 Conference [English]

Uncover New Ways to Connect, Collaborate and Innovate to Transform Student Learning (By Invitation Only)

Hosted by Lenovo Malaysia. By Invitation only
Xiang Qin Lim
K-12 Conference [English]

Organizer's Closing Remarks

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