EduTECH Malaysia HE Agenda

Higher Education Conference, Wednesday 24 February 2021

Varinderjit Singh

Smart Solutions for Learning Beyond Classroom

Panel discussion
Kellin Wong
Higher Education Conference

Academic Governance in Malaysian Higher Education System: What's next moving forward?

  • To improve understanding on academic freedom and its importance among educators
  • To appreciate the key elements of academic freedom
  • To understand and execute the strategy/mechanism to uphold academic freedom
  • To be able to advocate for academic freedom in higher education institution
Han Yee Ng
Higher Education Conference

Heroes Journey: Activate future leaders and changemakers

  • Better understanding on Heroes Journey and the impact it could bring to the youths in Malaysia
  • Insight on passion teaching and learning from the point of view of US counterpart
  • Explore the possibility of adoption of HJ curriculum among Malaysia's youth as a foundation of developing social entrepreneurship career
Colin Marson

Helping everyone in the world, learn anything in the world

Bringing our best to education to enable every leader, empower every educator, equip every student, and evolve every day
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Higher Education Conference, Thursday 25 February 2021

Xiang Qin Lim
Higher Education Conference

Organizer’s Opening Remarks

Higher Education Digital Leadership

Ana Hol

Class of 2021 and beyond - What’s next for higher education?

Cynthia Doss
Higher Education Conference

Globalising the curriculum: Strategies for redesigning the curriculum and online collaborative learning

Chee Keong Choong
Higher Education Conference

Enhancing student mobility programme and online courses: Unstoppable learning through new technologies

Smart Campus

Sumitra Nair

Futureproofing Malaysia's Workforce for the Digital Economy

Hamid Uddin
Higher Education Conference

Microcredentials and Lifelong Employability

Higher Education Conference

Building resilience and agility into higher education (By Invitation Only)

Hosted by Amazon Web Services. By Invitation only
Xiang Qin Lim
Higher Education Conference

Organizer's Closing Remarks

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