Maker's Red Box

Technology Partner

We at Maker?s Red Box are enabling teachers to become superheroes and mentors who can engage all children in the classroom. We help them utilize existing STEM education equipment to develop future-ready skills with a series of engaging STEAM curriculums designed for a playful hands-on learning experience, powered by storytelling and role-play. Maker?s Red Box is a state-of-the-art 32-hour-long STEAM educational material and methodology combined in a teacher?s toolkit packed with how-to-videos, comprehensive teacher training, supplementary materials, and various support features. The project-based coursework is modelled on real-life situations and focuses on prototyping potential solutions with 3D printers and microelectronics. This gives students between the ages of 11 and 16 an opportunity to unleash their potential by assuming roles in an exciting story and building solutions to the adult worlds? problems. The course ideally takes place in a workshop environment but can be carried out in a well-equipped classroom, too. The curriculums combine crosscurricular learning objectives with features of computer and board games to create a familiar learning environment for children. Currently, we have 3 products available: Superheroes-Digital Storytelling, City of the Future and Green Engineers. Maker?s Red Boxes? educational content is based on constructionist pedagogy. Children cooperate to build functioning smart objects to learn about the world and experience basic scientific principles. The curriculums are accessible for kids with all kinds of backgrounds and develop essential soft and technical skills.