Atima Joshi | Founding Principal
Middleton International School

Atima Joshi, Founding Principal, Middleton International School

Atima Joshi is an experienced educator and has been a part of the EtonHouse Education Group since 2003. She has held various leadership positions and is regularly invited to speak in regional educational conferences across the Asia-Pacific region and deliver professional development workshops for educators. A member of various pedagogical committees and academic boards, Atima is a firm believer in lifelong learning and continual growth. Atima is the principal of Middleton International School, which is the mothership school in South East Asia, for the Contentment Foundation, an organisation with a mission to promote wellbeing education globally. A strong believer in the power of curiosity, positive psychology and mindfulness, Atima believes that social emotional learning needs to be explicitly taught and cultivated in schools as it has the power to influence the wellbeing of the immediate community and the society at large.

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