Amani Ibrahim | Senior Lecturer, Cybersecurity
Deakin University

Amani Ibrahim, Senior Lecturer, Cybersecurity, Deakin University

A technically-advanced academic cybersecurity expert with business acumen matched by significant industry experience and passion that has helped companies and institutes both private and government-run to stay safe and secure by working with people at all levels to simplify security and help them adopt these best practices in their daily lives.


EduTECH Asia Virtual 2020 Higher Ed Conference Day 2 @ 11:30

Live Panel: How can you minimize cyber threat to maximize your institution’s security

Cyberattacks threaten institutions’ intellectual property and student data. Hackers have multiple doors to enter the system because of an open network for staff and students. With so much data at risk, universitiesand its managementmust take proactive measures to prevent cyberattacks. Finding a balance in preparing your system is key to thwarting security breaches.
last published: 19/Jun/20 01:16 GMT

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