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Anish Khadiya, , ITILITE Technologies Private Limited

Disrupting the T&E (Travel and Expense Management) SaaS solutions space through a dual focus on customer and consumer. Our solution brings to fore capabilities that helps companies reduce their spends significantly, and improves their control over these spends.


CFO & Treasury Summit Day 1 @ 15:00

Tick tack toe of expense management

As organizations across the globe are riding on their go-digital initiatives, the onus is on the tech and finance leaders to modernize the organizations’ expense management processes and systems. Most of the organizations, until now, are used to rely on on-premise solutions (both manual and partly digital) for expense management. Some companies though still use modules from on-premises software as it came free with an ERP system. However, maintaining and supporting these systems can drain IT resources or rack up costs.Here’s the TiCK TAC TOE of Expense Management Software which answers the lingering question of whether organizations should Build or Buy. Anish Khadiya, Founder & Chief Business Officer, ITILITE Technologies will also share a checklist of parameters that organizations should keep a close eye on before choosing the platform (either an in-house platform or while choosing a partner).During the session Anish would be addressing:
  • Should organizations build or buy expense management solutions off the shelf?
  • Key considerations for organizations while choosing an expense management solution.
  • Necessary integrations with existing legacy systems to be taken into consideration while implementing such solutions within your organizations
Session led by: itilite
last published: 12/Apr/21 01:55 GMT

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